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Now that I've broken your eyeballs and have your attention (hopefully) ... ahem ...

AVAST, MATIES! (In the proud tradition of Will Turner using the wrong word)

I’ve been noticing around various parts of fandom the last few months, since the fourth POTC movie came out, many fans lamenting the absence of our beloved Norrington. So, with that in mind – the mods at raise_the_dead and pirategasm are holding an impromptu fic fest!!

This is going to be a pretty easy thing. Basically, here’s how it’ll work:

1. Post a comment to this entry with a story idea. It can be short; it can be long. It’s kind of like a kink meme (for those of you familiar with that concept - and if you're not, ask an f-lister to show you one), except it’s not anonymous or particularly kinky. There’s no limitation on ‘ship – as long as Norrington features chiefly in it. (Or, if pirategasm is your preferred dock of choice, head over yon to do the same!)

2. If you see a prompt you want to fulfill by writing a story, write the story and post it separately to this community (or here and your Norrington community of choice – it’s up to you!). Just cite the prompt in your author notes or summary - and be sure to post the link to answer the requester, so the swabbie knows it’s for them!

3. RULES: Keep your prompts upbeat and positive – and, of course, with Norrington as the central character. And, no character-bashing – not of Norrington, not of any other characters. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and an homage to Norrington. So, head over to the post and start coming up with prompts!

Finally – don’t dally, lubbers! Start posting prompts and filling ‘em as soon as you can! There’s a holiday weekend coming up for you in the States – put it to good use. ARRRRRR!

(Thanks to the mods for letting me post this here!)
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