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Hypothesis about Jack's fate - more fiction fun

There's no real way to bring up this discussion without a cut.

If someone else already brought this up, feel free to point me to the thread; I don't always catch everything on LJ, as I am usually just surfing it while doing work online. This is just something I came up with while driving home.

A lot of people have talked about Will possibly replacing Davy Jones in his "office" in the third movie. But it seems more logical to me that Jack would do this - not strictly as Davy Jones as he now is, but Jack's OWN version of being the immortal King of the Seas (meaning, he doesn't have to be all fishy and miserable). And of course, he'd have the Pearl instead of the Dutchman.

Of course, Jack being lazy as all-get-out, he'd have real issues with having to actually *work* as Death of the Ocean, having to harvest big disasters like the Titanic ("Jesus Christ! WHO PUT THAT ICEBERG THERE?!").


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